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July 20, 2009, 11:38 pm
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IntalekSoulFlows is proud to bring that brand new flavor for your ears, courtesy of Virginia Beach emcee, Intalek. With jazz filled instrumentation and poetic flows, Intalek continues to show the benefits of making music with inspirations that shy away from the love of money and focus on the art that is raw lyricism birthed from everyday situations Rather than present to you a situation in music, Intalek guides your imagination through the scenario at hand. I will never forget the song that made me the Intalek fan that I am today, “Band in My Mind” [and if you ask him, he will let you know that’s my favorite joint].  With words lessened, I bring you Sir I.N.T., better known as Intalek. Bless the stage…

In your own words, introduce Intalek to the stage.

The one and only…Intalek! Period.

If you had to describe yourself with one song lyric/verse, what would it be?

Good question. I would have to say “Dear Music” off of my ‘Square One’ mixtape. I can’t necessarily pin-point a direct verse from the song because the ENTIRE track encompasses me and describes me and my journey into what made me jump into music. I’d be lying to myself if I had to choose one of the three verses from the song.

You would describe your style as…

…lyrical and visionary. I’m for the listeners. I place more emphasis in what I say and what’s being broadcasted rather than hard beats and easily remembered hooks. So it’s more lyrical, more thoughtful, more defined.

I know we’ve talked about the different sides to Intalek, what are these different sides and how do they come together to make you the artist you are?

Well, this is something new to me as well! After making more and more music, I realized my approach to tracks varied. So I have three approaches: Intalek, I.N.T., and Theo-nious Monk. “ Intalek” is the thought-provoking emcee, who places more emphasis on lyrics and painting literary pictures. “Intalek” is the foundation for my music. “I.N.T.” or “Intelligence Named Theo” is the wittier, wordplay-ridden, punchline driven, grittier style of mines. It more represents my battle and hustler era and my rapper approach, like freestyles are coming from “I.N.T.” And lastly, “Theo-nious Monk” is the smooth, jazz lyricist. Tracks like “The Band In My Mind” and “Shining” are more of this approach. It’s kind of like an in-my-pocket flow.

Most musicians get compared to other musicians, whether it is lyrically, in presentation, or even how you speak. What musicians do you get compared to the most? And what sets Intalek apart from those musicians?

It’s crazy…I get compared to Lupe Fiasco, mostly because my lyricism can go a bit deep like Lupe’s. I see no comparison because Lupe’s mindframe is deeper and crazier. I mean…I see it sometimes…it takes many listeners some time to decipher what I’m exactly trying to convey which is normally done with a Lupe track. I’ve heard other comparisons like Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, and Common. But I more see myself in my own lane and doing my own thing. Sure there’s an influence, but I take what’s around me and create this Intalek monster. The comparisons to others are cool, but I want my listeners to be like “Yeah, that’s Intalek. He does his own type thing.”

In the song “Close” off the Square One mixtape, there’s a line where you say “spoken word what is dear to me”. What part has spoken word and poetry played in Intalek?

Man I had been writing poems as far back as grade school! I never jumped into hip hop at that time. It was more poetry and stories I was into. Robert Frost, Henry Thoreau, E.E. Cummings,Shakespeare, Langston Hughes.  I really wanted to be an author or journalist when I was young, but that was just a phase. But spoken word and poetry always kept my interest. Music is poetry over instrumentation. Same science…different medium. Poetry and spoken word plays a huge part in me and my music. That’s why I place more effort in lyricism and the art of words.

Now you got a few mixtapes, Square One, HelloSpaceWorld, and of course the one you have dropping now, Believe the Hype: The Best of Intalek. If you had to pick one joint from each mixtape to show your growth, what would they be and why?

Sweet question. From “Square One” I’d have to say ‘Rhythm of Rhythm’ because it showcased what kind of artist I was. From “HelloSpaceWorld” I’d say ‘Internal Growth’ because if you really listen the three verses in it are all constructed differently, which showcased I.N.T. on the first verse, Theo-nious Monk on the second, and Intalek on the third, all the while telling the story of how I won’t quit making music. It’s deep! And from “Believe The Hype” I’d say the bonus track ‘Dead.’ It’s just a crazysong! You got to hear it…basically about hip hop can’t leave me until I’m respected enough to be a great.

Describe to us what your dream song would be. [Who would make the beat? What would it be about? Who would it feature? What would it sound like?]

I don’t think I actually have a dream song. I’m down to work with any producer and any artist as long as it doesn’t jeopardize my integrity and every artist is on the same page with what we have in mind to convey. Dream producers…J. Dilla, Kanye, Mad-Lib, Andre 3000, 9th Wonder, Danger Mouse. Dream artists…Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac, Lupe, Outkast, Lauren Hill, Busta Rhymes, Common, Kanye, and every artist that respects hip hop and is helping to push it forward. The sound would be beastly!

What’s one thing you want your listeners to walk away with?

I want my listeners to understand that I do what I do for the love of music. I’m not one for the big fancy cars and homes. I just want to enjoy making this good music, travel the world, meet new people, and support my fashion fetish! But I want listeners to genuinely take what they can from the music I make and place it in their lives. Whether it makes you think, write, talk, provoke, recreational activities, whatever…as long as it’s legal!

So to wrap it up, tell everybody where they can hear more from you.

Aww man…here we go:

Or you can just simply Google me. I’ve been surprised by the results myself from just searching ‘Intalek’ online. Guess I am making a little bit of noise so far!

Anything else you want to say before we close out?

Shouts out to Princess for the interview. Virginia Beach all day. Hip hop for life. Money Hungry Ent. Code of Conduct. 6 Wild. Live Laugh and Love. D/L and listen to the tapes! The DMV is full of talent so watch out world…we on our way. Peace…

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