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September 14, 2009, 3:51 pm
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Blair Perkins

Coming to the stage is a musician for both the young and old, 17 year old R&B/soul singer Blair Perkins. Even at such a ripe age his music is beyond his years, and his voice is like pure perfection from a ripe talent. On top of singing, Blair is a producer, songwriter, model, actor, and dancer, making him a pure renaissance man. During a generation where the music has become so focused on making hits rather than having longevity, Blair Perkins shows both hard work and dedication to the craft at hand to preserve the essence of music. He even has music on his MySpace from the age of 9 years old, singing “I’ll Be There.” Just like his influences Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, his talents were discovered early ;and he has promise for the future. 3 days away from making that transition of a teenager to a young man [Sept. 17], SoulFlows brings the youthful, soulful sounds of Blair Perkins.

If you had to describe yourself with one song lyric, what would it be?

Out of all the songs that I love and admire, the one line that touches me the most and gets to me every time is, “I was a little different……I didn’t do what the bad boys do” (Solange/ I Decided).

Definitely that line.

You would describe your style as…

My style is very different, whatever I feel like doing, I’ll do, I feel an artist should never try to live up to someone’s expectations. My style is 60’s inspired, yet still up to date with the world.

You’re a young dude, with a sound that’s different from other artists of your generation. What do you feel separates you from other musicians, both young and old?

What separates me from other artists is that I don’t try to fit in with what’s “hot, in, or sells”, I just try to stay original at all times because when you listen to those classic records the music isn’t reused, its “original” and thats exactly how I want my future albums to be.. “original”.

Your music is way beyond your years. How do you continue to maintain the foundation of music?

Well.. I listen to every genre of music… I feel in order to be an artist you must be able to be versatile. I feel the more you expand your musical library, the more depth you will have in your music.

My favorite song has to be “False Direction”, from your Message from a Virgo EP, what was the inspiration behind that song and what can people expect from your EP?

False Direction started as a freestyle; the actual recording is the original freestyle (of course remastered).. and its basically about someone giving you negative vibes.. It could be your lover, friends, family etc..People can expect a slower driven EP from me this time around. Take 5 is the only up-tempo song on the EP. The title (Message From a Virgo)basically tells the story of the music… this EP is really the premiere of my new soulful sound..its probably the most honest self explaining project i’ve ever done! …. I’ve done every genre from popcorn disney to straight up gangstafied hood r&b LOL.. but I really found myself this time.. SOUL is MY SOUND hahaha..

I see you’ve been singing for a very long time, even being as young as you are. I’ve also seen that you’ve done a lot of covers of Michael Jackson’s songs. How has his music, along with your other inspirations, touched you and what you do?

Michael Jackson is the reason I’m here today.. Before I fell in love with Beyonce, Usher, and many other artist.. Michael was the first entertainer that could actually make me at four years old get up and copy every move and memorize every song possible!!! I loved and always will love
Michael.. I actually have a tribute EP for him set to release August 1st; you can check out some of the songs on it on my MySpace (

Describe to us what your dream song would be. [Who would make the beat? What would it be about? Who would it feature? What would it sound like?]

To be honest…. I can’t even answer that question, b/c what I have playing in my head is undefined.. but I can tell you I would love to work with Pharrell Williams, Cee-lo, Jack Splash, and Solange just to name a few.

What’s one thing you want your listeners to walk away with?

Inspiration, as an artist I feel that if a listener is not inspired.. then you have nothing.. so yeah.. definitely inspiration.

So to wrap it up, tell everybody where they can hear more from you.

Anything else you want to say before we close out?

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